We are a duo of musicians. We have been developing a project called IKARVS for over two years. The genre closest to us is downtempo based on organic samples. Our project is eclectic in many dimensions – we combine electronic music, created using a computer and controllers, with acoustic music (guitar, bass flute) and singing.

We both have a completely different musical history. In teenage years, one of us liked metal music, while the other – liturgical polyphonic singing. Thanks to such a past, we are not afraid to put together recordings from the most distant regions in time, geography and style.

In our concerts – performances, we make sure that each of them is a complementary experience for the audience, which is why we play as certain characters by means of costumes and acting. We never plan the entire performance – we are inspired by our surroundings, contact with the audience, and how they react to our suggestions.

We improvise guitar melodies, vocals and words. Each time it is an intense experience for us. We are happy when we are borne by the musical flow, but we also risk moments of being lost and the tension associated with it.

We disrupt the traditional relationship between artist and audience by inviting listeners to record their voice, which we transform live. This results in a more lively reception, interest and deepening of the bond we make. We often get acquainted with people who interacted with us during artistic activities. We have heard many times
that what we are doing has become a unique experience for someone.

The innovative form of our project has resulted in the possibility of showing it in many circumstances. We had the pleasure to play at many festivals in Poland and abroad, incl. Fusion in Germany, Selina SIMS, Las Festival, Summer Contrast and many clubs and cafés, e.g. Bar Studio, Stół Powszechny, Transformator, Schron, ISKRA Pole Mokotowskie. Our music was released in several labels, including DowntempoLove (DE), Hupupa Records (IT) and Oramics (PL).